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Modernize your business using 'AskForMenu' application. It is very simple. You only have to sign up and register as a business. Only for € 20/month you can offer a much faster service. Request a free trial month by email to

All you need is a wireless network and a Windows computer. After signing up and buy a license or order your free trial.

The system can work in several ways, depending on your needs.

- Clients connect by scanning a QR code with their smartphones, they will have access to the entire letter in several languages and with a customized design. They can place orders directly.

- The waiters send orders using Android tablets.

- Orders are shipped using interactive screens located at each table Android.

You can set up tables / locations in your local, the menu of services offered with the entire menu in several languages or how customers will see that information on their mobile or interactive screens.

For operation from smartphones, you need to put a QR code on each table. Those can be downloaded from this page in PDF with a standard design or picture format to suit your needs.

You can manage incoming orders, keeping them in a log file to see all the movements at the end of the day, order statistics or take a day or per hour.

The system allows a custom-designed tickets.

And if that were not enough, you can upload photos of your business along with the menu on the web, so your potential customers find you more easily.
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