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Implement the AskForMenu system in your business is very simple. Just follow these simple steps

Computer with Windows 7/8

Wifi network


1. Register on our website. Register

2. You will receive an email with your password. Then login with your username and password (at the top of the page). You can also change your password.

3. Register as business and enter your data. Register business

4. Go to the QR codes page. QR codes will be on a label and are used to identify each location in your business (tables, rooms, etc.)

5. Put them in all the locations you want. You can download a PDF with all QR codes for their locations by selecting the desired format or download only the codes and do the design of the labels as you want.

6. Purchase a license Licenses. You can also request a free temporary license. Write to showing your user name. We will check your data and you will receive the confirmation.

7. Once you have the license, download the server. To use the server, you need a computer with Windows 7/8 as well as an active license. Server

8. Unzip the downloaded file in the directory you want in your computer. If you don't have any application to unzip, you can download it at the following link. Winrar

9. Run the AskForMenu.exe application. For more comfort, you can create a shortcut on your desktop to that application.

10. Enter your username and password. When a new version be available, we will ask you the user and password twice: one to download the application and another one to open the application. It will automatically update whenever there is a new version.

11. Go to configuration - locations to verify that all locations inserted in previous steps are listed there.

12. Go to settings - languages and select the language for translations (original language in which the texts are been introduced) and all languages with you would like to offer your menu.

13. Go to file - Menu. This is the menu that customers will see. To configure it you must first add all the items (products) and then the groups. Groups are used to sort the way in which information is displayed. Then just drag items to the group that you want. For more information, refer to the manual.

14. Configuration - Presentation can change the way that your customers view the information: image or background color, text color and buttons. You can customize fully the application when your customers arrive at your business.

15. Place the tags generated at each location (tables, rooms,...)

16. Start using the system.

17. For more information, refer to the manual or write an email to and we will try to help you
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